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What does VideoAmigo consider to be a brand?
What does VideoAmigo consider to be a brand?
Our definition for Brands, Producer Types and how it is applied
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VideoAmigo defines brands as Major Marketers who advertise and therefore enjoy a national or global reputation in their respective sectors. There's a lot of wiggle room in that definition, which is why many of our tools let you filter by Producer Type.

What is a Producer Type?

We're on a mission to organize YouTube's information so you can improve your channel performance. To do that, we append YouTube data with information not available elsewhere. We Classify videos and channels into Topics, Categories, Countries, Languages, Producer Types and more. Our Producer Types answer the question "what type of person, company or organization is behind this channel?"

Why Does Knowing Who Programs a Channel Help Me?

By enabling you to create Lookalike Models, which is an important concept in marketing. For example, a health-based Non-Profit in Canada can benchmark its own performance against other health-based Non-Profits in Canada, find out who the most successful lookalike channels are, see what they're doing right, and mimic it to create growth.

What are the Producer Types?

We've established eight primary Producer Types. Anyone making content on Planet Earth falls into of these bigger Producer Type buckets. Underneath the primary Producer Types are secondary Producer Types. For example, "Experts" is a primary Producer Type. Under Experts we have Professional Chefs, Professional Artists, Professional Journalists and more.

Below are VideoAmigo's eight Primary Producer types. The list under the primary producer are the secondary Producer Types with an example in parentheses. The Producer Types that we generally consider to be Brands are in bold.

  • Entertainers & Events

- Events & Event Promoters (Coachella, ComicCon)

- Live Performers, Shows & Acts (Blue Man Group)

- Signed Recording Artists (Bruce Springsteen)

- Unsigned Musicians (cover artists, tribute bands)

- Studio Musicians, DJs, Producers, Composers (Carol Kaye)

- Pro Actors, Comics, Models, Celebrities (Julia Roberts)

- Pro Dancers & Choreographers (Misty Copeland)

- Pro Directors, Filmmakers, Cinematographers (Ken Burns )

- TV & Radio Hosts (Ryan Seacrest, Howard Stern)

  • Experts

- Attorneys (ie, divorce lawyers)

- Business Stars & Famous Founders (Mark Cuban)

- Ordained Religious Leaders (TD Jakes)

- Physician, Hospital, Health Care Provider (Kaiser Permanente)

- Politicians & Public Officials (Donald Trump)

- Pro Artists, Photographers, Creative Directors (Chihuly)

- Pro Athletes & Sports Coaches (Tom Brady)

- Pro Stock Traders & Financial Consultants (Suze Orman)

- Pro Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers (Chalene Johnson)

- Pro Hairdresser, Makeup Artist, Stylist (José Eber)

- Pro Sommeliers & Mixologists (ie, a Brewmaster)

- Pro Chefs (Gordon Ramsay)

- College Professors & Teachers (ie, a Sorbonne Economics Professor)

- Journalists & Published Authors (Gayle King)

- Scientists (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

  • Institutions

- Association, Institute of Society (Society of Professional Accountants)

- Club/Organized Community (The Shriners)

- Foundation (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

- Government/Publicly Funded Entity (Japanese Air Force)

- Museum, Zoo, Aquarium (the Louvre)

- Non-Profit (Doctors without Borders)

- Political Party (UK Labour Party)

- Religion/House of Worship (the Mormon Church)

- Sports Team, League or Governing Body (Real Madrid)

  • Manufacturers

- Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical (Pfizer)

- Brand Name Product (Panasonic)

- Conglomerate (GE Corporate)

- Energy, Mining, Agricultural (Exxon Mobil, John Deere)

- Industrial, B2B, OEM (Takita Air Bags)

- Maker/Handcrafter (Melissa's Gift Baskets, John's Saddlery)

- Software, Video Games, SaaS, Apps (League of Legends)

  • Media & Content Brands

- Book Publishers (Simon & Schuster)

- Conferences, Forums, Motivational Speakers (Ted X)

- Directories, Research Resources (IMDB)

- Magazines & Journals (Vogue, Journal of Pediatric Medicine)

- Newspapers & News Gathering Orgs (Washington Post)

- Networks: TV, Radio, Podcast, Music, Linear, Streaming (Netflix, Spotify, Disney)

- Radio or Podcast Show: (Joe Rogan Podcast)

- Radio Station (Hot 107.3 New York)

- TV/Streaming Show (The Voice/La Voz)

- TV Station (TV5 Mumbai)

- Website/Digital Content Company (Howdini)

  • Retailers

- Chain: Local/Regional (Midwest Furniture Marts)

- Chain: National/Global (IKEA)

- e-Commerce (Amazon, Lazada)

- Restaurant, Bar, Casino (MGM Grand Casinos)

- Single Store Location (Joe's Lighting Store)

- Vehicle Dealership (Sydney Harley Davidson)

- Wholesaler/Distributor (Fortessa Porcelain)

  • Service Providers

- Automotive Service (Jiffy Lube)

- Business Service (MindShare Ad Agency)

- Communications Provider (Deutsche Telekom)

- Educational Service (Sylvan Tutoring)

- Financial Service (MetLife Insurance, Citibank)

- Home Service (Matt's Roofing)

- Personal Service (ie salons)

- Pet/Animal Service (Manchester Boarding Kennels)

- Photography Service (Surrey Wedding Videographers)

- Real Estate Broker, Builder, Developer (Coldwell Banker)

- Recreational Service/Venue (Hudson Kayak Tours, Planet Fitness Gyms)

- Travel Services (Korean Airlines, Hyatt Hotels)

  • Users

- Creators (people who make & do things)

- Curators (someone who builds a channel out of gathered content they did not make, like rights-free classical music)

- Gamers (PewDiePie)

- Vloggers (people who speak into the camera)

Note: Depending on the purpose of a given report, we sometimes change which Producer Types show up as a Brand. For example, a certain report might call for Hospitals and Universities to be considered brands, when generally, we wouldn't include those. You can find "what's included as a Brand" under the Information Icon for that report.

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