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For Creators: Review Marketplace FAQs
For Creators: Review Marketplace FAQs

It's time to make money from your review videos.

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Visit Review Marketplace and get paid for the review content you've already made.


How will brands use my videos?

Your videos will be edited down in various ways. They might appear as part of a montage on Amazon, a six-second bumper on YouTube preroll, or they might appear in a catalog on a brand website. They could even appear in TV commercials.

How should I price my videos?

We recommend starting your video price at US$599 until the marketplace gets off the ground and supply and demand dictates what types of videos deserve a higher price. If you are an extremely large YouTuber or celebrity with acknowledged influence and a recognizable likeness, you may consider higher pricing even initially. Keep in mind that older reviews are likely to have less value and be less frequently purchased than newer reviews.

Who owns the rights to my videos?

You do. The content creator always maintains ownership of his or her videos. Your opted-in review videos are exclusive to the Review Marketplace and cannot be sold anywhere else, but you always maintain ownership of your content and can continue to use it on your channel, personal website, social media, etc.

When will I get paid?

Once your video is licensed by a brand, VideoAmigo will make the appropriate edits and deliver the end product. This process will take approximately two weeks to complete. The brand will submit payment within seven days of that final delivery. You can track payment progress in your dashboard (accessible by returning to Review Marketplace after you’ve signed up or by clicking on the link in your welcome email). To expedite the payment process, you should set up your account in the dashboard as soon as possible after signing up.

How does a video license work?

Brands are buying a global, non-exclusive, in perpetuity license for your content. You will be paid your rev share of that licensing fee immediately (see your contract for details). This helps prevent video license violations.

How many videos can I upload?

You should opt in all of the review videos in your library that make sense for the Review Marketplace. This includes: Reviews, How Tos, Demos, Unboxings, Hauls, Empties, Try-ons, Tests, Comparisons, First Impressions, etc. As you create new review videos, return to your dashboard to add them into the Review Marketplace.

Does my video get edited?

Yes. Chances are when you review a product your video is several minutes long, which is perfect for YouTube but not for brand usage (30 second commercials, six-second bumpers, and short pieces used in e-commerce). Your video will be edited to fit these shorter formats and to include all necessary legal disclaimers (that you are required to disclose when you opt in your videos). Read more about how VideoAmigo and the Review Marketplace promise to maintain the integrity and message of your content.

What can I do to make my videos stand out in the Marketplace?

There are three things you can do to make your videos stand out.

1. Complete the sign up process and your videos will be highlighted in brand search results.

2. Associate product model names with your videos (in your video dashboard after you complete the sign up process) to make your videos show up in more brand search results.

3. Continue adding to the Review Marketplace as you make new content so that your videos are selected as preferred content when our internal VideoAmigo team selects reviews for full-service brands.

Can I sell a video that I was paid to make?

Yes! In many cases sponsored videos appeal to the same client for a different licensing purpose, region, or division. And, if it’s a product comparison video, another brand may want to use the same review. Be sure to properly mark the video as paid when opting in the content so the correct disclosures can be included.

Have other questions or need to contact us? Reach out at [email protected] or use the chat widget on any page of VideoAmigo.

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