Creators: If you have videos of product reviews, demos, unboxings, hauls, empties, try-ons, comparisons, first impressions, product assemblies, tests, or how-tos, this is the marketplace to turn your content into cash.

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How will brands use my videos?

There are several ways your review content may be used such as: on Amazon product pages, as an ad, inside of a product montage, or simply on their website.

How is video pricing established?

Based on market demand, VideoAmigo recommends a base price of $599 per video. If you have content that’s more popular you can increase the price of a video up to a maximum of $999,999 USD.

Who owns the right to my videos?

The content creator always maintains ownership of their videos. A brand will license a video for a one year period, which means that another brand cannot license the same video during that year. But, you always maintain ownership of your content and can continue to use it on your channel or personal website.

When will I get paid?

Once your video is licensed by a brand, VideoAmigo will make the appropriate edits and deliver the end product. This process will take approximately two weeks to complete. The brand will submit payment within seven days of that final delivery. You can track payment progress in your dashboard (accessible by returning to Review Marketplace after you’ve signed up or by clicking on the link in your welcome email). To expedite the payment process, you should set up your account in the dashboard as soon as possible after signing up.

Are my videos sold exclusively in the Review Marketplace?

Yes, once you opt-in a video to Review Marketplace, your video is exclusive to our platform and cannot be sold anywhere else. You can continue to use the video on your channel or personal website, but cannot sell or license the video to another party. See your agreement contract for more details.

How many videos can I upload?

You can opt-in all of the honest review content in your video library – there’s no limit to the number of videos. Relevant content includes: Reviews, How Tos, Demos, Unboxings, Hauls, Empties, Try-ons, Tests, Comparisons, First Impressions, etc.

Does my video get edited?       

Yes. There’s a basic amount of editing that will happen before a brand can use the content to promote their product. This includes cutting out any calls to subscribe, removing bell icons, and adding appropriate FTC disclaimers.

Can I sell a video that I was paid to make?

Yes! In many cases sponsored videos appeal to the same client for a different licensing purpose, region, or division. And if it’s a product comparison video, another brand may want to use the same review. Be sure to properly mark the video as paid when opting in the content so the correct disclosures can be included.

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