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How and why is VideoAmigo free to creators?
How and why is VideoAmigo free to creators?
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There are a few inter-related reasons that VideoAmigo is free to creators: 

  1. We didn’t build our tools just to sell them. Our our in-house YouTube Specialty Agency Touchstorm provides YouTube Audience Development services to huge global brands like Toyota, Gillette, T-Mobile and others. To scale that business, we had to build analysis and performance tools that helped our employees save time and money and find out what works. As part of the YouTube Community, we decided to share many of them with you.

  2. Our Business Model. VideoAmigo and Touchstorm make their money by working for brands. For example, we sell YouTube Audience Development, Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Search Optimization Reports, Brand Insight Reports, and more. We don’t need to make money from creators.    

  3. We all need Big Conclusions. It’s hard to master YouTube when all you can see is your own performance. The industry needs benchmarks to crack the code. VideoAmigo isn’t exactly free. You are actually paying with your data. Not your singular, private data, but data we can aggregate and learn from.          

If I  am essentially paying for VideoAmigo with my data, what are you doing with my data?

We’re aggregating it to help unlock otherwise unavailable statistics so that you can perform better on YouTube and make more money.                


• Sharing with advertisers that ASMR channels mostly reach Men 25 – 54 and here’s a list they should advertise on.
• Revealing that the average length of the most successful videos in your Topic of Portrait Photography are 6 minutes long, and your videos are only 2 minutes long…which means they’re too short for you to win.

We also aggregate lots of data that has nothing to do with your hidden data.                


• We hire a lot of Influencers around the world. For a Haircare brand, we might show them which Beauty Vloggers have made more hair videos than makeup videos.            • We might show them which Haircare Channels are rising Stars, growing the fastest and therefore likely to achieve a lower CPV.                  
• Or, we might prove that African-textured hair videos are getting more views than “smooth” hair videos, and the products and/or campaign needs to address the black market.                

Overall, the data is used to create benchmarks that show you, privately, where you are the same or very different than those around you, so you can decide what you want to change and what you want to keep the same to improve your discoverability.                

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