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What kind of permissions VideoAmigo needs, and what that means to you.

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Depending on which tool you are using, VideoAmigo may need permissions from YouTube to interact with your channel and make the tools more useful to you. We ask for "channel management access" and "analytics read-only access" to obtain a list of your channel's videos, read its analytics, and make modifications based on your selections when using our tools. 

VideoAmigo will never delete your videos and we will only make the modifications to your channel or content that you choose while using our tools.

When and how do I grant permissions?

As you arrive at each tool, VideoAmigo will tell you if you don’t have the permissions necessary to operate the tool. When that happens, VideoAmigo will show you how to grant the permission, and will transparently tell you exactly which data you are opening up to us. Collecting anonymous data and aggregating it to draw YouTube conclusion is why you are able to use these tools for free.  

Am I putting anything at risk by granting those permissions?

Data security is a top priority. Data is stored on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) platform, which offers the highest level of cloud security imaginable. Our software runs on 128 bit encryption, the same kind of protection that banks use.

Are there any other benefits to granting permissions to VideoAmigo?

Yes. VideoAmigo is a giant wiki, which means that someone researching a Category or channel may decide to assign or remove many types of classifications. If your channel is in English and someone else accidentally relabels it as Spanish, then brands searching for English-speaking Influencers won’t find you. Claiming your Channel and granting the most basic permissions will prevent others from being able to change your profile and vital info in the wiki.

How is my privacy affected by granting those permissions?

Our privacy policy contains details, but VideoAmigo does not reveal your private data to anyone but you with one exception: if we have hired you as an Influencer, your demographic and geographic data will show up on an Influencer Dashboard that both you and the brand have access to, which is absolutely necessary to satisfy brands. Your Influencer Contract will note this separately; therefore, this shouldn’t be a concern until then.

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