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What is the VideoAmigo data latency?
What is the VideoAmigo data latency?
Is there a lag in data reporting?
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VideoAmigo is committed to both data accuracy and an amazing user experience.            
The hundreds of millions of calculations necessary to provide just a single report would take much too long to give you a report on-the-fly. Therefore, data is derived once a day and cached on our servers. This allows us to provide your report immediately.            

This can affect your report in the following ways:
• Any channels added to our database on the same day you pull a report will not be reflected in any of the aggregate analysis.              
• View counts and subscriber counts may be slightly skewed from what you see on YouTube and other social media platforms because they are a day behind, unless noted as a "Live" count on certain tools.
If you have any questions about our data latency please let us know.


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