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What Account Settings am I able to control on the VideoAmigo system?
What Account Settings am I able to control on the VideoAmigo system?

How completing your settings benefits you.

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What Account Settings will I be able to control on the VideoAmigo system, and how will it help me? (Looking for how to access your Account Settings? Try here.)                                                                             

  • Your YouTube Channels.
    Example Benefit (EB): If you have multiple channels, you only need one master login. You can then easily switch between channels while using most VideoAmigo tools. 

  • Your Channel Overview.
    EB: Quickly setup each channel in your master account, including your VideoAmigo Display Name, Producer Type, choose to display your YouTube About Page description or create one just for VideoAmigo, set your Geography, Primary and Secondary Languages, plus Company Name and/or Parent Company if appropriate.

  • Your Social Accounts.
    EB: Let other Influencers find you for collabs and more.        

  • Your Alerts. [coming soon]
    EB: Control the types of performance warnings you want to hear about.

  • Your Business Contact Info.
    EB: Let VideoAmigo and Touchstorm — our in-house YouTube Specialty Agency — know if you have an agent or manager that should receive business offers.

  • Your Talent.
    EB: VideoAmigo hires Influencers for global brands through Touchstorm. If your channel is personality driven, make sure it is known in your profile so we can connect you to the right opportunities.

  • Your Target Demographics.
    EB: In a variety of tools, its helpful to keep track of who your channel is intending to reach. 

  • Your Categories.
    EB: VideoAmigo uses a nested and tiered classifications wiki to add context to Big Data. To get the most out of your VideoAmigo experience, you channel(s) should be classified in at least one Category > Theme > Conversation > Topic.

  • Your Narrow Competitive Set.  
    EB: Add perspective while you learn from and keep track of the progress of similar channels in your narrow competitive space. No one else can see who you choose as your competitors. 

  • Your Video Groups.
    EB: You can draw private conclusions based on your different kinds of content.

  • Your Time Zone.
    Example Benefit (EB): The “Best Time to Upload” tool is local to you.               

  • Your Fiscal Year.
    EB: Draw fiscal comparisons.

  • Your Baseline.
    EB: Benchmark your channel against others that started the same time on YouTube.

  • Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
    EB: You can set goals and track achievements.

  • Your Colors.
    EB: Match the colors to your branding for your VideoAmigo charts.

Tool Specific Settings: 

  • Your Banned Words.
    EB: Make our powerful Comment Manager tool work harder for you.                      

  • Your Keywords.
    EB: Enable our Search Tracker tools to help you optimize better.                  

  • Your Sister Channels.
    EB: Group your stats across all of VideoAmigo.                      

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