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How do I delete my VideoAmigo account?
How do I delete my VideoAmigo account?
I created a VideoAmigo account that I no longer want. What do I do?
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To delete the VideoAmigo account you created, first make sure that you are logged in and then follow these steps:          

  1. Select "My Account" in the dropdown menu below your user name.          

  2. Near your avatar / user name / email / password, locate and select "edit".          

  3. Next to "Account Status" select "Delete My Account" and then "YES, DELETE" to finish (or "No, Cancel" if you've changed your mind).             

Important Note: This will only delete the VideoAmigo account that you created.  It will not remove your YouTube channel(s) from VideoAmigo. If you delete your VideoAmigo account, you will no longer be able to login, access comparison data about your channel(s) or receive email updates from VideoAmigo.

For information about how your channel got into VideoAmigo and what to do if you want it removed, please see: How did my YouTube channel get into VideoAmigo and what if I want it removed?     

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