Claiming A Channel
What does that mean... and why should I claim my YouTube channel?
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When you “claim” your YouTube Channel on VideoAmigo you gain access to free advanced channel management tools to help you — the channel owner or representative — grow your channel.                        

Simply sign in with the Google credentials associated with the YouTube channel to:              
  • Protect the way you look in VideoAmigo ratings, rankings, and reports.    
  • Gain immediate access to advanced reports and controls from within many tools.    
  • Organize your channel into the best categories to reveal deep competitive stats.
  • Enable you to receive business offers from Touchstorm — our in-house YouTube Specialty Agency — and their clients looking to buy advertising or sponsorships.            

There are a few tools with "in-app" prompts to claim your YouTube channel. Another way is via your Account avatar at the top right of the page:

For related information, read the YouTube Permissions article.

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